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Disabling WSMA on 3850

Hi all,   I am seeing some default config for WSMA on 3850 switches and just want to disable the config as we are not using those switches as WLC. I heard even after disabling and reloading the switch the config doesn't disappear? Is that still the c...

krisvamcee by Beginner
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Firepower 4100 SFP interface issue

Hi All, I am new to Firepower and have been given the task to configure Cisco Firepower 4110 (FXOS 2.1.1 and FTD 6.2). During initial configuration I had tried to configured the Firepower via the CLI using the scope command in order to bring the int...

shivanandh by Beginner
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ASA5585 high cpu

Hi all, The high cpu in the admin firewall 5585(with context mode).the DATAPATH process is occasionally using 98%+ of the CPU. GMCC-YPT-ASA5585-MDCN# show cpu detail Break down of per-core data path versus control point cpu usage: Core ...

jack lee by Beginner
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Cisco ASA ASA5585-SSP-60 Upgrade

Hi All,   We have running Cisco ASA ASA5585-SSP-60 running  with 9.1(3)2 in context mode and now we are planning to upgrade to latest verion as present one reached end-of-software maintenance. We have another pair of Cisco ASA ASA5585-SSP-60 running ...

rk105g001 by Beginner
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Cisco WSA/ESA License

/Hello  I'd like to configure wsa, esa and amp  and i should have a license to use all the features . I cant ask for an evaluation license since i'm a student and i should joint my account to the company's which is not possible for me . any help?

IPS Signature Updates EOL (April 2018)

Hello,   The automatic IPS Signatures updates have ceased since April 2018.   Will there be any more signature updates to manually download ?   Currently update S1017 running and already 30 days + alarms on IPS for signatures not updated.   Jay    

j by Beginner
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