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Hello,Am having issue in enabling captive portal on my asa device.Have been able to connect to the AD to download users. All i want is for the users to authenticate with the Active Directory by entering their credentials through the captive portal,An...

Laide by Beginner
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Hi....I have a Firepower Management Center running 4110 in FTD. We are on version on FMC. I have about 50 Access Control Policy there a way that I can turn on logging to the globally on all the ACP rules or do I have to go to each ...

Network Analysis and intrusion policies.JPG
dan hale by Participant
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Hello   I do not support the IPS devices but have been asked to see if I can gather some info. On the FMC webpage, I have selected Intrusions->Events. I specified a date range and I have a page of events listed. If I then click VIew All button, I see...

ericnlv by Beginner
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Hello All, I have a new client that has grown beyond what their current network can provide and wanted to run what I was thinking of implementing by everyone here for some feed back and questions. What they have now is about 20 users in two offices d...

Hi.   We are using FMC2500, FP8250 OS version   My customer wants Proxy setting.   So I setting the FMC2500, but not setting FP8250.   If I setting like this, is there nothing problem using Proxy?   And why FP are setting the Proxy?   As I k...

yunsh63 by Beginner
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Hello, Our ISP has given us Netflow access and we can see what the ISP Cisco router is sending and receiving, this is great but as a source or destination I only see our 'outside' public IP. I understand this is normal, but is there a way I can see w...

Hello,   I would like to know how you guys order and design the FMC Access Control Rules?   Sadly the FMC is not really optimized for a lot of rules, compared to the ASDM or FortiNet etc.. Its really painful in my opinion.   Currently I've went with ...

Futuristc by Beginner
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Hello All,  One of our folks pointed out an issue that I had never noticed (or paid much attention to) before.   When opening the Whats App application on an iPhone, there is a delay of 30-45 seconds before the app finishes connecting on our network....

MauryJ by Beginner
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