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Cisco ASA 5545 x mem at 93%

All   I have an ASA HA pair where the primaryt shows 93% mem used. The secondary is at 64%.   The reason for the difference was a unique vpn that was created only on the primary. Due to there was only 1 uplink to the ISP switch. This vpn does have a ...

nat conversion

Hi everyone,   Please help me on how to convert this 8.1 cisco asa configuration into 9.1.  Appreciate the help.   global (outsid) 2 150.x.x.x nat (inside) 2 tcp 100 100    

Resolved! converting 8.2 to 9.0 NAT example

I've gotten most of my NATs figured out but how do you convert this example into the new NAT format?  CAn anyone assist?static (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) tcp www www netmask (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) tcp 11080 20.2...

FTP passive and active on ASA

Hi all   I wonder if anyone can assist with this. I have a customer with a 5505 ASA which has restrictions on outbound ports. He needs to use both Active and Passive outbound FTP connections but I am struggling to have both running. With inspect ftp ...

mbluemel by Beginner
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Dynamic object-group update - ASA

I am working on a project where an ACL will have a set of revolving IPs (not often, but from time to time a new node will be added/removed in a cluster that needs access into my network) and I have been provided with a URL to an XML document containi...

mbaker33 by Beginner
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