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Hello, I have a strange issue with a FTD running latest 6.2.3 code. When using rules that requires inspection like user or url rules, the FTD will match on those rules even if it shouldn't be a match. For example I am using an Identify policy and cre...

Hi can you help me w/ the following?   CiscoASA# show module 1 detailsGetting details from the Service Module, please wait... Card Type:          ASA 5500 Series Security Services Module-10Model:              ASA-SSM-10Hardware version:   1.0Serial N...

Dear ALL,   I am facing a very strange problem in ASA. I have ASA two 5516-X in active fail-over scenario. After active failover occurs traffic going through sfr facing no internet. If i restrict asa to redirect traffic to SFR then traffic successful...

So I'm trying to forward an internal service on a internal  server to the external interface on the same port on the outside  interface of our ASA.I been searching for a solution for days and found nothing.Here are the relevant parts of my config:: S...

Ondaje0x0 by Level 1
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Hi Experts,    We've configured Remote Access IPSEC VPN on ASA (9.1). From the various blogs, I see "crypto isakmp nat-traversal" command is required but I don't see any configs relating to NAT-T in ASA.   1.Is NAT-T allowed by default in ASA... 2.Sh...

I registered my firepower box with cisco and applied token for cisco smart license. But after few days back the license page tabs "url,threat,malware has disable. I sync appliance, but same scenario.

supun1989 by Level 1
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