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Is it possible to just allow specific users or group to connect via remote access VPN? After configuring the identity realm and testing any AD user can connect. Do I need to scope the Base DN to a specific group or OU or is there something else I'm m...

Jack G by Beginner
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I am unable to access Firepower Services via ASDM. My SFR module is currently running on   ciscoasa# sh module sfrMod  Card Type                                    Model              Serial No.---- ---------------------------------------...

Running FP 8130 appliances, within FP Management we are seeing "Decryption Error" for port 443 traffic. We have a valid root cert for the MtM decryption process. Where can we find more information about WHY this has a "Decryption Error"?  

ashaw216 by Beginner
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Hello, I have Sourcefire Defense Center 750 (, however facing the following error: Unknown Error (9999): Unable to execute INSERT INTO 'xxxx' SELECT * FROM 'firewall_policy_ip_rep'. Attached the screenshot. It is triggered when I go to Polici...

hmisc by Beginner
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Hello!I'd like to configure access for Cisco ASA administration for a specific domain group. To this end, I indicated that only members of the "Cisco ASA Admins" group can log in through the SSH or ASDM to the firewall.But during testing I found out ...

nshchukin by Beginner
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Hi I tried to delete the red line as below using CLI command.. But I put a "no" in front as follows:- It said Error: %invalid Hostname. Anyone please enlighten me?  Thanks    ASA(config)# no access-list line 4 extended permit tcp 172.30.4...

Chriskoh by Beginner
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Dear Support.   I have firesight management server version installed on ESXi 5.1. we want to upgrade our ESXi to version 6.5.   As you know (as per the following link :

chawkideeb by Beginner
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