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Backup on HA configuration.

Alejandro Madurga Ainoza
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi all,

I'm looking for best practices regardin backup and restore when the HA is activated.

My main concern is if the backups are interchangeable or not, if there is a backup done on the Master node, can be used to recover a slave node? Are the backups independant in terms of HA roles?

The main issue is to have a clear picture on how to manage backups in case of failover during an extended period of time (more than one day).


Thanks in advance,




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Accepted Solutions

The database depends only on the schema. So as long as both nodes have the exact same packages loaded (which they should!) then the database file is compatible.

In fact, you can use this for lab purposes, you can copy a database from a running nso into your lab to perform experiments (upgrade, new features,…) on your real data.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



From what I understand.. Master <> Slave = same CDB/packages/etc. They should completely mirror each other (maybe except the underlying server/os).


I don't necessarily know what you mean if a backup is done on master, that it can recover a slave node? If the Master is down, the Slave will become the Master and it will have the same CDB as the master after the fail-over. Since Master/Slave are generally mirroring each other, I wouldn't believe it'd be necessary for a backup/restore for the Slave (but now master) to utilize a restore.


Let me know if you need more assistance. To me, it's not generally clear on what you are asking since i'd expect Slave to be the new master as the previous master failed. When fail-over occurs, Masters CDB is in sync with the slave, so slave would currently have everything that the master has.

Hi, thanks for the answer!

The use case, is as follows:

  1. HA environment with a Master and Slave
  2. For now, only backups are scheduled on the Master node via cron (once a day),
  3. In case of Master failure, then the Slave takes the master role.
  4. In case of extended period of time of failover, there is need of create backups on the the new Master.

We are thinking to take backups on both nodes (Master and Slave) periodically, but we don't know what are the limitations/dependencies of those backups, ie, in case of total disaster, the recovery can be done using any of the backups (Master or Slave) or the backups are role/vm dependant.


Thanks in advance,