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Gateway CSS?

Hi everyone,   IP Phones <-- Alcatel PBX -> E1-QSIG -> ISR 4451 -> MGCP -> CUCM 11.5 (SU2) --> IP Phones   I have this topology in my company and I have some problem about "who can call where" ?   I want to do this? -2000 in Alcatel side can call ju...


Resolved! Registration issues with vtech vcs754 3ed party SIP conference device

I am able the configure the device and it registers to cucm v 10.5. The registration status changes in about 2 minutes to un-registered. If I reboot the VCS754 it will register to cucm again but, as before, only stays registered about 2 minutes. I ha...

vcs754gui.JPG cucm_enduser_vcs754gui.JPG cucm_device_vcs754gui.JPG
Jerry Reed by Beginner
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NM-16ESW-PWR in a 2811

Does anyone have this NM working in a 2811 Router? I have a 2811 running 12.3(11)T3 IPVOICE with the external power supply. I tried several other versions of IOS, same result. The switch ports work fine with workstations, but they will not power t...

amarc by Beginner
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Finesse Data Error

First of all, good afternoon!My name is Jheferson, I use UCCX v11.5 (1) here in the company and am having a hard time with Finesse. When I click on "Team Data" or "Queue Data" the information that should appear does not appear. Can someone help me??

jalmeida44 by Beginner
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Route Pattern

Hi Guys,    Currently in my route pattern i have 2 route pattern which as shown below.    Dialing to external (will strip off the 9 infront) 9.[3689]XXXXXXX   Dialing to emergency 99x   Currently user request to remove the 9 so when they dial to exte...