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Emergency Responder not finding all switchports on Catalyst 9300 stack

We are running Cisco Emergency Responder version and trying to discover phones connected to a Catalyst 9300 stack (C9300-48P) on version 16.08.01a.  There are three member switches connected via StackWise and the stack is fully operational.   CER detects the switchports and phones connected to the switch 1 and 2, but it doesn't even detect the ports of switch 3.  I re-ran "Locate switch-port", but no success.  It's as if this stack only had two members.  I check the logs on CER and there's no indication of discovery errors.  Running CDP command on switch shows ports and phones of all members of the stack.


I should mention that switch 3 was added later to the stack, after switches 1 and 2 were stacked and fully operational for a while beforehand.


What could be causing CER to miss switch 3 of this stack?  Is there a potential compatibility issue?  Or, do one or more CER services need to be restarted?

VIP Advisor

Re: Emergency Responder not finding all switchports on Catalyst 9300 stack

Did you see this?

It's not much help, but at least it let's you know that others are having the same problem. I'd recommend opening a TAC case and asking about this defect, or if you have a good relationship with your Cisco SE, talk to them.

Anthony Holloway

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