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Resolved! Need help with C4500X and SFP

We purchased and deployed two C4500X switches at the core network and used SFP modules "attached in the picture" to obtain 2x10GE bandwidth.Both links worked well for a few days, then we noticed that one SFP link is had failed. We tried swapping seve...

Tanyi by Beginner
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Network Design and ACL

hey guys,So I'm task with designing the schema for a new building with multiple floors (6 floors) 400 - 1000 users. I was wondering how is everyone segmenting/designing their vlan/subnet. Do you guys do it by wiring closet/floor or by department from...

ASR920 licensing requirement

Hi All, We have ordered ASR920-12G-4-10G license forASR920-920U-12SZ-IM. We were planning to use SFP-10G-SR (10Base-S) but reading below I am confused now those ports can be used for SPF+?  Any clues thanks in advance. For 10 G port,  it says  To ope...

dees by Beginner
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Resolved! compatibility of GLC-TE and GLC-SX-MMD with WS-C3850-12XS-S

i'm looking to connect GLC-TE and GLC-SX-MMD on same switch WS-C3850-12XS-S,i check the compatibility matrix and show that i have to use Software Release XE 3.6.7E, XE 3.7.5E, 16.5.1a for GLC-TEand XE 3.7.1 for GLC-SX-MMDMy question is can XE 3.7.5E ...


Resolved! Etherchannel within same C3850 switch stack

Hello due to some singularities (riverbed implementation), we need to configure an Etherchannel within the same C3850 stack. Schema is below: 1/0/4 (C3850) ----- lan0_0 (RB) / wan0_0 (RB) ------ 1/0/7 (C3850)2/0/4 (C3850)----- lan0_1 (RB) / wan0_1 (R...