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Resolved! 802.1x bypassed?

Hi everybody.I have  a question on 802.1x.h1-----------hub---------f1/1-SW-------Radius server.                     |                     h2h1 is a legitimate user while h2 is not.  h1 powers up while h2 is off.  h1 uses 802.1x and gets authenticated...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Verisign VIP SA520

I was very excited to read about the two factor authentication that Cisco and Verisign offer through the VIP and SA500 series routers.  I purchased an SA540 a month and a half ago.  I have been on the phone with support of both Cisco and Verisign eve...

wayne by Beginner
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[Trend Micro Ios content filtering] parameter-type command under policy map not available

Hi, all:I'm trying to configure TrendMicro IOS content filtering. I have this working on a separate box, running 15.1.On this particular testbed, I have a 2900 running:System image file is "flash0:c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-3.T1.bin"And the followi...

Firewall Dropping Packets - %FW-6-DROP_PKT: Dropping tcp session X.X.X.X X.

Hi,Can anyone explain this error and what is a stray Segment with the IP ident 46866. I can't seem to find this error on the Cisco web site the only bug appears to be to do with Zone firewalls. I have an 877 Router on a remote site configured with ...

Resolved! General Firewall Question ASA5510

                   Once you open a port. Does that port stay open? Reason I ask I have a device and sometimes you can remote into it and some times you cant so I'm trying to eliminate the the firewall as the cause of the problem.

mmays by Beginner
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Resolved! ip source guard feature and dhcp DHCP scope exhaustion (client spoofs other clients)

Hi everybody.A dhcp server assigns ip adress based on mac address carried by client hardware field in dhcp packets.One potential attack is when a rogue host mimics different mac addresses and causes dhcp server to assign the ip addresses until no ip ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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