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I currently have CSPM 2.3.3i on an NT server workstation. Does anyone know what I need to do to move the OS to Win2k? Do I need a new version of CSPM ? do I need to purchase a new product called Cisco Works VPN security Manager?Thanks

fregon by Level 1
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Whenever I go into the Security Console and need to clean up the database (i.e., deleting an event with 2000+ hits), it takes an extremely long time for the screen to refresh. Is there a setting or fix that I need to install so it's faster??? CSPM ...

alll by Level 1
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Is there anyway to decrypt a password on a 3500 series switch? We have a switch at one of our client sites that we need to access, we have our configuration file but since the last time it was accessed the Enable password was not recorded.

rdunkle by Level 1
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I have a PIX 515E and several interfaces, with two internet connections. I would like to use one connection for internet use and one for VPN. I have added the default route for the internet and added other routes that previously worked on a 1720 rout...

I am using a PIX 506 6.1 (1) with one DMZ IF. This is our first DMZ and I need some help with accessing the web server within the DMZ. We are using a subnet for the DMZ and a subnet internally. The public subnet address in 12....

Resolved! NAT does not work

Hello,NAT seems does not working on my pix.I verified n-times my config. No issue :(Please can anyone verify my config and tell what's wrong ? and thanks in advance.I have a DSL modem (Siemens) working as default router (x.x.16.17)here's the config (...

antinea by Level 1
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Hello,everyone!I have a 6509's ids module and ids-mc(included vms2.1).I need to use ids-mc to manage and mointor ids module,but when I setupa group of signiatures and deploy them to ids module.IT seems like the policy take any effect. Do you te...

sand.yang by Level 1
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Our mobile users is at a client location and the VPN client work fine until the client put in a firewall and have many restriction on the Internet traffic. The network admin now want to know exact tcp port the CiscoVPN client use so he can allow it ...

damb by Level 1
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Hi, hope you can help me with this;Sapd on my director has started reporting that its context buffer is to short and that it can't load the context string(s) into the db. I have noticed a few of these messages before but a few days ago it just rocket...

rpilskog by Level 1
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