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Hi all,we have CAM and CAS in HA mode. we need to generate CSR but I have some cofusion about the DNS name.network setup is like thishostname name      IP address============     ========CAM01                          192.16...

Hello!Please help me resolve my problem, I`am testing CSA and when I try to translate word with Lingvo 12 press "Ctrl+C+C" or ''homing cursor mouse"  nothing oocurs :-( I know this block Policies -"Firewall - Centrally Managed (desktops)" something f...

ToX1c1986 by Beginner
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Customer set up SNARE to push theevent logs to marsI defined the device and checked the receive box. I assume I don't have to put username password as I am receiving. Anyway,  to prove it was working I thought I could query on raw events like you can...

whanson by Explorer
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Hello!How can i log failed telnet acccess on router (old IOS no enhanced login)I trylogging trap debugging (informational also)logging MARS IPsnmp-server enable traps tty syslogsnmp-server host IPOF MARSand  I add router in MARSbut I just get some SN...

fisko by Beginner
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I have configured OOB 4.5.1 VG with WLC 2100.NAC:#####################CAS is located on VLAN 40 with is located on VLAN 60 with Receiver -- community: cam_v2WLC profile: -- V2C Read: cam_v2,                   ...

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