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Where can i find ASR switching capacity ?

Hello.  I'm looking for switching capacity of RSP440 with ASR9K. I need cisco's official datasheet. I read this datasheet B...

CATYO by Beginner
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Out of Band Solutions

  Hey -I want to look at some out-of-band management solutions for our Primary and remote sites. Of course I will start my own research - just want to get some ideas from the you guys - point me in a productive direction. Open to all ideas/ architect...

Setting up DMZ with Site to Site

Hello,This is my first time posting on here and I am very new to Cisco and still very much a networking newbie. My company has 2 Cisco ASA 5510 and one located at each site. I am trying to setup DMZ so that our badge system located at Site A can talk...

Resolved! OSPF Route Filtering External Type5

HiI need some help i'm trying to figure out how to filter certain routes being advertised to neighbors, i'm banging my head against a wall here.Below is an example of one of the routes i'm trying to stop advertising, I have tried ip prefix-lists and ...

Need an ios for supervisor Iv engine

Does anyone know what ios i can run on my supervisor Iv engine. I just bought it and they did not send the flash with it. I have IOS for Supervisor 720,sup32 on hand right now..The IV engine is going in a 4500 chassis and needs to be able to support ...

Resolved! class-map does not support match protocol ssl

I have several 1941/k9's that do not have the class-map command: to suppot ssl.  System image is c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-1.T.bin.class-map match-any af31match protocol ssl  <-- missing. I did some google searches but come up with nothing. Is the...

haydavis by Beginner
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Resolved! Policy-Based Routing Newbie.

Hello all!,I'm an CCNA guy but on my job we've got a BGP with two different ISPs: Cogent and Transtelco. The thing is that I'm not such familiar with BGP but we need to implement PBR with our BGP connection.I attached you a simple diagram for your re...

Access-lists Doubt

I have a network under a router( It is connected to multiple networks(x.x.x.x/xx). I need to allow ping from network to all other networks. But none of the other networks can ping to How can I use access-li...

BGP Question

Hi, I currently work for an ISP and also studying BGP. I was wondering when an ISP peers with another ISP what is the most common or best way for an ISP to advertise there networks. They obviously can't use the network commend as you could have 1000'...

VPN not working between Two Router

Another tech and myself have been trying for several days to get a VPN working between our homes and our shop. We are both fairly new to VPN(ing) on Cisco and are unsure what we are forgetting to configure. The following is my config from my home rou...