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Dear all, Hope you are doing well. I am searching information about the size of the input hardware buffer of a router interface, but I can't find anything. Could anybody tell me that value on a Cisco 3945 platform and a Cisco 2921 platform? Thank you...

patrimar by Level 1
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Hello.I have four 2960 running 12.2(55)SE7.These switches stop responding at the console and vty but other functions are ok.When I try to connect I receive the banner and no more: no prompt.Any ideas?Regards.Andrea

Hello,i have a questionwhy bgp isnt supported on 5510-5520-5540 asa appliances?Because of hardware performance? Cause bgp is supported on 5505.Why we cant have any bgp support on these devices and we must change to new ones?I cant understand this...h...

Hello, I have a new 4500-x running  IOS-XE  version  03.03.00.XO RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)ROM: 15.1(1r) has a dual supervisor and it is configured as a simple switch (all ports on the same VLAN) and if I connect two pc on any port and I start ping...

Resolved! QoS-drops

Hi.. I have configured service policy on tunnel interface but i am seeing packets are being drop in default class even if bandwidth is not full utilized.I have been running 20MB mpls circuit and configured GRE tunnel b/w two locations over mpls circu...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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I have a 3925 with 4 Gig Integrated Interfaces and 2 SFP GI0/0 and GI0/1. Will I be able to use the SFP interfaces if the integrated GI0/0 and GI0/1 are being used? Thanks. Todd

Hello All, I need assistance trying to figure out what my VPN preshared group key is.  The router is a Cisco 2811 router and need to set up a VPN client but I don't remember what the group key was.  How do I get it from the CLI on the 2811? Thanks,

Hi All,With BGP communities, how would I go about ignoring the ASN portion of a BGP community and accept a wildcard value?  For example, if any of my peers/transit providers that send me a route that is tagged with the community X:666 I'd like to rej...

Hi Guys,Can somebody explain to me what is the following statement mean (which is a part of Cisco IS-IS documentation):"In MPLS VPN environments, reachability information for the loopback addresses of every Provider Edge (PE) router is needed. Leakin...

Existing network, 2 data vlans(A & B), 2 voice vlans...dual circuits (MPLS/Internet).. just upgraded internet circuit from 4m to 50m.  Speedtests from vlan A are OK (47down/47up), however any machine on vlan B are incorrect (3down/17up).. ISP router ...