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Hello,Now I am going to upgrade router with IOS ver 12.4 which has custom queueing configuration.New router cisco2901 with IOS ver 15.2(4), and tried to apply current config, but it does not recognize "queue-list" command.I checked feature navigator ...

k-baba by Level 1
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Hello, i have a problem with my cisco ASR9KRP/0/RSP1/CPU0:PE-XX#sh run int GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3838Tue Feb 11 18:43:01.345 GMTinterface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3838 description XX bandwidth 128 service-policy input rate_limit_128k service-policy ou...

I have three DS3 links connected between two routers. I want 50% of my traffic go through link1 ,30% go through link2 and remaining 20% traffic go through there any way to acheive this.Thanks,Arun

Arun by Level 1
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Hi,we have a bunch of homes office which i am connecting over dmvpn.the set up is working fine when i am not using ip sec, but when i am configuring ip sec the tunnel going down after 15 min, and failing to renegotiate the isakmp key.if i am not impl...

mdasifsm1 by Level 1
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Hi all,I am setting up a 877-M and want to use one of the LAN ports, specfically FE3 as a WAN interface.I have spent alot of time researching this but am still confused on exactly how to go about it.Could someone please help.A basic working config of...

Hi there, Just checking to see in whick of the situations below the "pkts matched" counter increment if there is a congestion 1. Packets are process switched? 2. PAckets are CEF or fast switched? 7206# show policy-map interface atm 1/0.1 ATM1...

gvijendr by Cisco Employee
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Hello group,I'm in the process of upgrading IOS image on Cisco 1811 routers. The first router I've checked for free space shows there's not enough (and I'm sure the others will be the same). I was curious to find out if during the process (I'm using ...

Hi I have a network that consists of 4 RP's and 4 Leaf routers. The main issue I am seeing which is one of the RP's is the following log messageFeb  3 05:57:47.409 UTC: %PIM-1-INVALID_RP_REG: Received Register from router for group 224.0...

                   Hello,I have a problem in the network of the project I am working in and I hope I can find the solution hereAs I am not expert in Cisco systems I will explain the situation as I can see:First we have more than 20 sites on the highw...