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Hi,I'm having trouble communicating between two sites.Can someone explain to me why I would see those "output drops" when the imput queue looks empty? Or what else does it mean.          Input queue: 0/250/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output ...

guibarati by Enthusiast
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I have two geographically dispersed campuses attached via static routed MPLS.  With the limitation of the MPLS, I attempted to configure an IPSEC tunnel between the two sites using cable connections (gateway at 10.XXX.10.3) located at each of the two...

I'm having issues making a connection with my backup ISDN line. I'm enclosing a couple of show commands. I think the bold text might be the issue since I don't see that on any other devices that are working correctly.Does that indicate an issue with ...

Hi,I have issue that bgp neighborship flap for moment after reguler interval like 3 hours.Plz check config and let me know what is issueRiuter 1:router bgp 65001 bgp router-id bgp log-neighbor-changes no bgp default ipv4-unicast timers bgp...

Hi All,I have got a fairly complex issue, with a particular requirement.I have a BGP/MPLS/VPN Core Network, with Core Routers CR0, CR1,,...,CR6.A few vrfs are built on it; let's focus on vrf RED (that I will also call "Customer vrf").A Customer route...

Hi,my customer is asking the feasibility of a network design, and if so, the possible configuration.The scenario is reported in the picture below.The customer is trying to build the service with a configuration on the router that can guarantee:-Confi...

vdarienz by Cisco Employee
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Hello,I have a ISP links on my remote site's router on Gig 0/1 and now I am planning for a secondary link.Since, I have only two gig ports ( one is used by ISP link and other is used as LAN gateway),the other ISP is ready to provide secondary link on...

rite2anil by Beginner
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In order to authorize level 7 users to execute  the command clear line tty on a Cisco Router, I configured the following:Router(config)# privilege exec level 7 clear line ttybut now the “clear line” is enabled with ALL the sub-options. Is it possible...

Hi,I have two broadband connections from different internet service providers and I dont have a static ip.I thought to use cisco 1841 for these connections because Cisco 1841 has two wan ports.If anyone knows how to configure this with 1841 ( I have ...

sabeshkhan by Beginner
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When upgrading a Cisco 2504 wireless controller to the release 7.4 software, is it necessary to also install the field upgrade software version 1.8?  If so, does it matter which order these are performed?

Wayne Lim by Beginner
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HelloMy router 2811 have high cpu usage (80%)I haven't debug on my router.When I take show proc cpu, the list of processes total up to less then 10%I have lot of access-list (150) and 600 lines for it.I have policy map for ftp, visio, P2P, smtp, ...I...

NetBegv85 by Beginner
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