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Hi, I have enabled DNS server in my cisco router. I want the log of FQDN of the source IP, means, I want each dns request log from the user ip. Which ip is requesting which FQDN should be logged? Is it possible. Yours, Mero

Good day!Recently i viewed in one presentation from Cisco Expo Moscow slide with routers ASR9K series characteristics:And question arised what those digits mean - lets consider on example "Megatron"Max. Linecard Bandwidth - 360 Gbps. It can be assume...

Guys, I have configured a cisco 2821 for mgcp and my console port keeps on displaying the following message.*Mar 16 01:29:18.887: [S] mgcp_msg_ack:6075,Updating (*)=*Mar 16 01:29:48.887: [S] mgcp_msg_ack:6075,Updating (*)=

177200: Dec 20 06:13:54.681 SUR: %DUAL-3-SIA: Route stuck-in-active state in IP-EIGRP(0) 134.  Cleaning up177201: Dec 20 06:13:54.681 SUR: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP(0) 134: Neighbor (Tunnel200) is down: stuck in active1...

I already saw many posts about this topic but didn't get a clear idea. We have a pair 2951 s, one at HQ and the other one at DR, connected through a DS3 (MPLS (L3-VPN)) Link. We want to span VLANS between the two data centers over the existing MPLS. ...

Ok i am running through more labs all day today. Im caught trying to ping my router to my TFTP, in the book its saying to ping, i tried that , 0/5 percent, so thats a no go, then i tried my own address and that didn't work either. Not s...


Hy everybody.Is there any way to manage the RV180 from the WAN side via https and/or ssh?Also, is ssh from LAN even available?Kind regards,F.

Hello i have two DSL lines and i m configured   route map NAT-TO-101 to  specify address which use Line 1 and route map NAT-TO-102 to use line 2 and everything is working fine .but now i want to configure failover for both lines  so i suggest    to d...