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Hello AllI have a Cisco 7606 and want to connect a Fibre cable to the router. The Fibre is single mode, SC connector with 1310nm wavelength.Can anyone please advise which is the correct SFP to get? I had a look at Cisco's website (

Hi, can you help me here:From R1 (AS 100), I can see route to (AS 54) as shown in blue just below.From R4 I can ping OK.From R4 I can ping R1 ( OK.Question:What would be the cleanest way to make R1 able to pin...

news2010a by Level 3
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Hey all.I am configuring a 7204 with two DS3 circuits that are being channelized into 28 T1s each. I want to make sure I have them configured correctly before I start turning up circuits.I have done research but connot find anything for multiple DS3s...

Is there any way to set up an IOS router so that it can serve a couple of test web pages for users?  I have a guest login VPN that I would like to have an test page so that I can check connectivity prior to investigating issues with the internet prox...

I have a router that is receiving a prefix via redistributed eigrp and bgp. It installs the first in its routing table. The administrative distance are by default.I don't know that is happening.Thanks.Marcelo

Hi,I have cisco 1801 with ADSL with Dynamic IP Address. I want to configure it for Dynamic DNS to remotely management. I have created my account in and configure the Router with the following configuration.interface Dialer1 description ADSL...

Is it possible to copy commands to a router from notepad with out having to type out the commnads manually? How can I achieve this easilly? I have set up a network on a simulator and I want to just copy the commands in to the routers easilly. Is this...

Dear All,Please find the below output, for last couple of days we are geting the below log. I am not able to found the reason & where it is related to. Please help.KOL-DC-HO-2811#sh logSyslog logging: enabled (11 messages dropped, 2 messages rate-lim...

HiI'M currently studding my BSCI Certification Exam, currently I'm studdiyng on subject about BGP,I understand the necessity to using a loop back interface to established neighborship when multiple path exist between 2 BGP speakers, but I do not unde...

xine xine by Level 1
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Resolved! CPU on Cluster

Hi Guys,Do you know how to check the cpu when the switches (3750) are in stack. Also in switch stack when you issue "show process cpu" command, does it show the master switch cpu or the overall cpu usages of the stack swtiches.Tks 

Hi ,I need to configure Cisco 1841 which has two internet connection ( SDSL & ADSL2+) and want to distrubute traffic across  both links equally( Possiblly voice traffic to SDSL). One conection is already up and running and doing NAT  Overload  and no...

s.nasheet by Level 1
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Hi,Suppose I have below successor and feasible successor to the network (, 1 successors, FD is 768                          via (768/256), Serial0                          via (1536/512), Serial1Ok, but I co...

Hi,If in a already converged STP network if we introduce a new switch with lower priority will it force the full network to run the STP all again?Or STP will hold the currently elected root as the root bridge even after adding a new switch with lower...