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startup-config file open failed (Bad file number)

whats this all about. the router was working fine this morning. then my voice-cards stopped responding. we reloaded and thats the error i get everytime i attempt to save the config. when i reloaded the config was gone and gave the initial setup promp...

a.gooding by Contributor
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Serial Configuiration Help

I am resturcturing two T1 lines in my cisco 3640. I currently have fractional T1's coming into a controller card seperating the lines. I want to move two of them to a DSU/CSU interface and run the as a full T1 vs fractional. I configured the interfac...

setup a new config

Need help to figure out how to configure a router with two int FA0/0 and FA0/1 with GWY address running config no logging console enable secret 5 $1$nbe3$/KUMMRlDYoG14hUK5Nc3f0 ...

rmushtaq by Beginner
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128mb.sdf file deployment question

I am trying to manage 25 1841 ISR routers and i wondered does a product exist that will allow me to automate the deployment of the attact signature sdf file instead of manaully FTP'ing the 128mb.sdf file to each router. Cisco Works will deploy IOS im...

BCC stuck in "transit to online"

An engineer has been trying to downgrade the firmware on a BXM card from EBK to EDJ using the getfwrev command, and has now managed to cause our BPX to hang. The BCC card is displaying the "transit to online" mode, and hanging. He has tried a single...

swakelen by Beginner
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no dialtone on MICA after IOS upgrade

I upgraded my 3640's IOS to 12.4.12 and in the process I erased everything in the flash. After uploading the new IOS I put mica-modem-pw. on the flash. It is the same mica software that was on the router before. Now after I reloaded the ro...

mvoss by Beginner
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EIGRP quick question on an eigrp learned route

Router A does not have interfaces configured for eigrp and is connected to core-router, router C is connected to core-router and interfaces are configured for eigrp. How do router c knows about router A??? Note that core-router does not have "redistr...

bbravo by Beginner
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Resolved! multicast group joins between PIM-SM domains

when you have two PIM-SM domains peering with each other using MSDP, how does one PIM domain join a group in the other PIM domain it knows about via MSDP. Does it use IGMP between the domains or is this part of MSDP.Kind RegardsKev

kjbarrass by Beginner
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I have private IP WAN (fR), which consists of 5 branch offices in different cities and a head office, I want to have all citrix traffic (port 1494) to get priority over all other traffic in these branch offices connected to the head office via MPLS b...

msubtain by Beginner
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MPLS with Disaster Recovery

Hello,My company has moved to a MPLS any-to-any network, from Frame Relay. The new services with MPLS is great. However, we have come to a problem when we want to test our Disaster Recovery. During the DR drill we will do a full recovery at a remo...

trackjg24 by Beginner
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Cisco 1841 as VPN/Firewall performance

I have a remote DR site that is connected to the main site via a 12 fiber link. There is a single VPN connection end-to-end.The main site has a 2821 router acting as a firewall and VPN peer to the remote site using 3des encryption.I want to replace b...