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Is BGP not included in all IOS images I just bought a new 2811 router and it says bgp is not in this image.

Imagine I have devices which muticasts and broadcasts tons of UDP traffic on a given network. Suggested solution is that I should put a router and let the device on the respective network ( installed there. Note that the respective devices...

news2010a by Participant
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I have a 3825 that is connected to a 10Mbps Metro-Ethernet Internet connection to the POP GE0/0. I have two global IP address blocks. The first global IP address block is configured on the GE0/1 interface while the 2nd global IP address block is conf...

jw4517 by Beginner
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Resolved! RDP fails

I have a 501 with a VPN set up. Once the VPN is established, I rdp to an internal server. Usually, I have no problem; I can connect repeatedly from either my desktop or laptop computers. The problem is that after another user connects RDP and disc...

Hello,I try ton configure one 878 Cisco router as a transparent router behind a dualwan Linksys router.I've added these in the configuration of the 878 :no ip routing!interface Vlan1no ip addressno ip directed-broadcast bridge-group 1!interface ATM0....

Hi All,I have AS5350XM-2E1. After reload, when i type command "priv" and "cookies" in ROMMOM - i can see/change data in EEPROM on main board.How I can access from ROMMON to see/change data in EEPROM in daughter CARD inserted in slot 1,2,3. example as...

DenKZ by Beginner
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Are IP blocks assigned to ISP's with any kind of logic? More specifically, if I looked at 209.x.x.x could I tell which State or Geographical area that block belongs to?Thanks

dj214 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 7200 with has multiple interfaces. I use services such as Yipes, that set up basically a direct connection to the remote site (usual on a private ip space). My only issue is that most of the services we connect to require us to use NAT...