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I am trying to copy my running configuration to a specific directory on my TFTP server. I am using a single CLI command to execute the request.I have successfully issued “copy run tftp://” on many devices (mostly switches). ...

rmeans by Participant
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Dears Hope you all are doing well I have a network topology of 8 Routers on GNS3 and using IOS XRv 6.1.3 I configured OSPF and then Segment Routing when testing the Link performance I found a huge delay and latency after segment routing I feel that E...

 Hi All I am trying an Iperf3 test however it is in GNS3 but works fine for low BW testing but not for higher BWwhile testing BW till 512 K it is ok and i can notice the transferred packet is about 64K but while increasing the BW to be tested i can n...

Iperf 512k.jpg IPERF 8 Mb.jpg

Resolved! Extended Host Mode

Hello,   I'm using Catalyst 3850 running 16.3.8.   I was curious exactly what "Extended Host Mode is enabled" gets me. It seems to me as though it allows switching as normal and static routing.  In order for me to gain access to routing protocols lik...

Please I have an ISR4321-B/K9 and wants to know what the B stands for, I have been to google and cisco website but no information about it, below is a  link from cisco website but it is not included.Please if anyone knows what the B stands for, Pleas...

I've been trying to find the answer to the question about using VIRL images within GNS3 legitimately but I can't peg it down. I work in a training environment where the network doesn't connect to the internet. With that, it's my understanding that VI...

timroland by Beginner
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Hi,Hi,I'm looking for some help in configuring NAT on my Cisco 891F router.I have a pool of five public ip addresses provided by my ISP and would like to two of them to provide external access to my security camera's. My ISP also provided an addition...

QuestionThere are two PC's on different subnet masks and the Multilayer switch is how I am doing the routing for them to ping. However whenever I try and ping the router, it always comes back with 'host destination unreachable'. For this particular t...

JT4 by Beginner
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                   hi all,i have an small issue with etherchannel, when i create a port-channel in a VSS c6506, the main Po goes down and create another one in parallel with the letter APort-channel132        unassigned      YES unset  down          ...

Hi I have studied options to migrate the routing protocol:one is controlling AD,and another one is Redistribution,Can anyone explain how to migrate from one routing protocol to another using redistribution? without playing with Administrative distanc...

sivam siva by Participant
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Hi,I am testing a new network and I need to create a site to Site VPN connection.My production network already has a Site to Site VPN connection.Site 1 has a Cisco 2911.with Lan 10.88.X.X/24 and 2 has a Meraki with Lan 10.35.X.XThe...

Tazio4436 by Beginner
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Hello All, My customer purchased C1101-4PLTEP router. When he sets it up, he noticed it does not support second IMEI number. He has to register IMEI numbers of LTE modem to local telecomunication governance authority(BTHK) because the router has dual...

Tolga1 by Cisco Employee
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