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EIGRP equal cost load balancing

Hi All,I am trying to configure equal cost load balancing on a remote site that connects to the head office using a Cisco 2901 router. This router connects to two WAN links which has the same bandwidth. I connected both of them and hard set the bandw...

rramlal by Beginner
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Connectivity between HQ and Branch offices

Hello, I have several branch offices that communicate to HQ via MPLS VPN connectivity. I have configured DMVPN for LAN routing with eigrp protocol. What I have been noticing is connectivity between HQ and Branch office on the WAN interface is OK, BUT...

quietylady by Beginner
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Resolved! dual isp NAT question

Hello folks.  Let's say I get a default route from ISP1.  I also have ISP2 as backup.  I advertise 1 subnet to ISP1 and ISP2...lets say 199.x.x.199/24, so people can reach my servers from outside. Lets also say that this ip address is provided to me ...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Turn off SSH access on ASR9000

Hi Guys,   I have an ASR9000 which is configured with BGP to my ISP. Which's command line of ACL that I can prevent people from SSH to my router's outbound interface (from outside world)?   Also, how do I make sure that the SSH access is allowed from...

Resolved! How does a Dynamic Crypto Map Work?

I was wondering how a dynamic crypto map works? in a normal crypto map you define the interesting traffic you want to allow over the VPN, and do the same in reverse on the other side.   How does a dynamic crypto map work out what the interesting traf...

IP Scanning Remote Site

I have a remote site connected to us with a Cisco 1941w router.  Equipment on this side is a 1941.  Working great.  I need to scan the remote site.  We only have a handful of devices there.  When I run Advanced IP Scanner from my desktop I get a resp...