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ISR 4461 throughput license


Hello Experts,

I have ISR 4461 router having 2 ISPs terminating with each has 1Gig internet bandwidth. We have failover on ISP circuits. 

We have below licenses pre-installed on the box.

Technology Package License Information:

Technology Technology-package Technology-package
Current Type Next reboot
appxk9 appxk9 Smart License appxk9
uck9 uck9 Smart License uck9
securityk9 securityk9 Smart License securityk9
ipbase ipbasek9 Smart License ipbasek9

The current throughput level is unthrottled


My question is, do I need to install throughput license considering the fact that we have two ISPs with each having 1 gig internet bandwidth. Asking because users are complaining slowness on internet speed (max hit 300mbps in result).

Please advise.

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



not really sure what you mean by:


--> The current throughput level is unthrottled


Does that mean you have the Boost license installed ?


What is the output of:


show platform hardware throughput level




With the 300MB limit your users are experiencing, you most likely have the performance license installed.


Check the post linked below, it has a table that lists the throughput per router model and license...

@Georg Pauwen 

Thanks for responding. Please see the output below for the command you asked for

SINSEA-WANRTR-01#show platform hardware throughput level
The current throughput level is unthrottled

We do not have any performance license installed. See below


SINSEA-WANRTR-01#sho license summary
License Usage:
License Entitlement Tag Count Status
No licenses in use


Router model is ISR 4461 and the default throughput for 4461 is 1.5 Gbps as per

Now not sure if I need to manually hit a command "platform hardware throughput level 150000" to set to default throughput instead of "unthrottled".

Please advise.

"Router model is ISR 4461 and the default throughput for 4461 is 1.5 Gbps . . ."

Yes, that's correct.  What's the total interface traffic when you hit the 300 Mbps limit?

Although you note you have gig links, you're providers don't sub-limit your bandwidth and/or guarantee gig rates?  (For for the "guarantee", not an "up to", correct?)

When someone does a speedtest, individual users unable to obtain more that 300 Mbps?  If so, also true when only one user running test, vs. multiple users running test and/or no other Internet traffic?

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