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Hi All, have a issue with WAN IP not reachable from Internet. Topology Details: Two ISPs connected to Single Cisco Router with Public IP configured respectively [ Refer attached diagram]Default route to ISP1 with IP SLA tracker with Ad 1Secondary Def...

HelloThere is a local network ( There is a router (R1), to which two providers were connected (ISP1 (Dialer1) - the main provider, ISP2 (Dialer2) - the backup provider). The network diagram is attached.ISP1 connection is used for Intern...

Dear Friends, When i am executed wr mem or copy run startup, at the time i am getting following error, kindly assist me how solve this issues, #copy running-config startup-configDestination filename [startup-config]?Building configuration... % Warn...

Scenerio: There are 3 routers [2 hub (HQ-R1 & HQ-R2), 1 spoke router(B2)]. I had configured dmVPN and used EIGRP on all three routers for communication. But it is only showing neighbour with HQ-R1 and B2 only.i want all three routers to be a neighbou...

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Hi all,I am doing several tests with routers that support 4-byte AS numbers, both IOS and IOS-XR and I am encountering a strange behavior.The BGP sessions are established correctly no matter what AS number I use, but there is something strange, when ...

Dear GentsWhy should Enable Cef if we need to perform BGP multipath , what if it is not enabled and router is working on Fast or process switching, what issue may cause ,future more can we apply BGP Load Balancing per Packet , or per destination , ( ...

Can Path MTU discovery be configured on a physical interface like tunnels interfaces ' tunnel path-mtu-discovery" ?I know we can configure "ip tcp path-mtu-discovery" as a global config command but why not on a physical interface?