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Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms, 1 minute)


Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms, 1 minute)

My solarwinds NPM reports very slow response times from my satellite clinic.

Often times it is 300ms to 600ms when it should be 10-15ms.

CPU does not seems to spike, the memmory does not seem to spike

The bandwidth does not spike.

It happens mostly during work hours about 10 times a day

Solarwinds reports the delay and then 2 minutes later it reports normal activity

I have broadcast/multicast control on the switches

We have static route for our network meaning no routing protocols

We have 12 other clinics with the same configs and they are fine

I have double checked the configs but I am not holding my breath on that item

I have rebooted the router without affect

I have not replaced the cable to the demarc on either side of the WAN connection

I have not reseated the service provider T1 cards

I have not reseated the T1 card on either router

Any thoughts?

All the best and thank you in advance,

Bill Branch

North Country HealthCare

Director of Information Technology

O: 928.774.8254

C: 928.607.9746

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Did you notice any micro burst on the link to the remote site? That may result in delay of the icmp packets from solarwinds? You can use snmp traffic grapher and monitor the link utilization in secs , for example 5 sec or 10 secs to find any micro bust.

Did you see any output drops on the interfaces? Any qos implemented on the links?

I guess u are using icmp for measuring latency, you need to take note that icmp packets are not high priority packets, so it may take time when the CPU is busy.

How about ur applications? Users facing any latency issue?

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I have precisely the same problem, and it is also at only one branch office. We are using a 2811 and a stack of 3560s at the branch. Cisco TAC tells me there is nothing wrong with the configs on either. Our QoS is set up properly. I'm pulling my hair out.

Did you ever find out what did this?

Jane Updegraff

Network Administrator

Digestive Specialists, Inc.

Digestive Endoscopy Center, LLC

That is normally due to sever circuit congestion, hower you haven't not posted enough information to say.

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