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Umbrella’s cloud-delivered firewall (CDFW)

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Umbrella’s cloud-delivered firewall (CDFW) is a cool features that provides Firewall Services in the Cisco Umbrella Cloud without the need to deploy on-premises firewall devices and visibility and control for internet traffic across all branch offices.
To deploy the CDFW firewall services, you can use ISR Router, FTD or ASA, or even vEDGE called Tunnel Device. The deployment is based on the a VPN IKEv2 Site to Site between Umbrella cloud and your Tunnel Device. Once the IKEv2 tunnel is established, you can redirect the internet traffic sourced by your LAN subnets to Cisco Umbrella Firewal services where a Firewall Policies can be applied based on L3/L4 filtering or Application L7 Filtering.
On ISR or ASA you can use PBR to redirect your internet traffic.
On FTD you can use ACP rule permitting LAN traffic going out.

Example on ISR:

ip access-list extended To_Umbrella
permit ip any < Identify your LAN Subnet using an access-list>
route-map Umbrella-PBR permit 10 < Creates a PBR to redirect all traffic sourced by your LAN subnet through the IKEV2 tunnel >
match ip address To_Umbrella
set interface Tunnel1
interface GigabitEthernet 0 < LAN Interface OF your ISR>
ip policy route-map Umbrella-PBR < Associate the Route-map to the LAN Interface >

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