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Nexus 5k EHV Ethernet Host Virtualizer

I'm having a difficult time finding how to configure a pair of N5k's in EHV mode vs. Switched mode so we can actively forward up multiple uplinks. (much like the UCS fabric interconnects can).Marketing says it is supported but cannot find any referen...

barmason by Beginner
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Nexus 5000 FCoE General Question

Hi there,imagine the following (simple) configuration:- Server with dual port CNA connected to a N5k- CNA port 1 connected to interface Ethernet 1/9- CNA port 2 connected to interface Ethernet 1/10- CNA FCoE MAC port 1 bound to vfc 109- CNA FCoE MAC ...

PrimergyQA by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 4001i vrf NXOS mgmt1

Environment:IBM BCH ChassisCISCO Nexus 4001i switch bay 7Goal:Download latest version of NXOS to system.Issue.  I do not have any more 100Mb ports left to connect the managment dedicated external port for the swiches. I simply wish to utilize the bri...

ArrowSIVAC by Beginner
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Virtualised AIX networking

HiDoes anyone know of a good reference to how networking works on P series IBM servers running virtualised AIX with mutilple CECS and VIOs ?I am trying to get my head round this so as to find the best way to connect such a beast to some Nexus switche...

Resolved! Nexus 4001i no fip MACs showing

Environment:IBM BCH blade in bay 12 with QLogic 10Gb Convergence adapter. CISCO Nexus 5010 (sw10) ports 3, 4 trunked via port group to BCH Chassis bay 7 ports 15, 16 port group.First time setting this up. Following the examples guide for the 4001i an...

ArrowSIVAC by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco asa performs ip grabbing

Hello, there's a certain problem that's happening the last weeks and it' a real big problem.All of a sudden the server x.x.x.39 it loses its connection with the default gw which is x.x.x.91but its connection with another server that has a public ip o...

vitotol85 by Beginner
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PFC configuration on Nexus 5000

Hi,I have a CNA in my server connected to cisco nexus 5000 interfcae. I Want to genearate pause frames for FCOE class of traffic using the default class class-fcoe and cos value 3, the firmware version running is 5.0(3) N1 (1b). Can anyone tell me ho...

mhosamani by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus1000V - vethernet trunk limitations

Hello, in the release notes for version 4.2(1)SV1(4a) I found a limitation about the vethernet trunk interfaces. 256 veth trunk are supported for the whole DVS with a maximum of 8 veth trunks per host. For a new n1v environment we need more then 8 ve...

hleschin by Beginner
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