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I have two sun servers connected to two nexus, where each server is connected to both nexus, when I shutdown the port the connected to MPLS, the sun cluster is going to down. is there any special configuration for sun cluster on nexus.   regards,  

sufyan.a1 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,   Please refer to the attached Diagram.   Is the topology shown in the diagram possible ? will the Server(End Device) perform normally in the given topology with both the NIC in active/active mode? Will it cause any performance issue?   Than...

Server Vpc.PNG

Hello,   We are still fighting to finish the integration of UCS + VMWare + Cisco ACI.   We have been working hard and now we find a bit of a surprise:   The Fabric Interconnects, 2 of them, are linked via VPCs to a pair of ACI Leafs. All is fine, the...

Hi all, I am new to Nexus. I couldn't find any information about encrypted port (port 33 - 40) as mention in Nexus 5020 hardware installation guide. Hope to get help from the community   I would like to know what is the purpose of encrypted port and ...

We are in the process of migrating our servers from Cat6500 (HSRPv1) to Nexus 7000 (HSRPv2). The HSRP virtual ip address remains the same after the migration. During the migration, we will shut down the Layer3 interface vlan on the Cat6500 and create...

e-chuah by Level 1
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Hi Experts,   Have a good day!   Is there possible to deploy a three tiers VXLAN fabric?   For example, Leaf nodes-Spine nodes-intermediate node--leaf node.   Our customer already have a VXLAN fabric composed of Arista devices for HPC application. We...

Hele Du by Level 1
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Hi, I'm only just now discovering nexus switches, i'm wondering when its appropriate to use the nexus switches. Is it mainly for large DC's?   I have a small main data center with approx 15 physical servers, i'm wondering if its really necessary to r...

siscon00b by Level 1
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