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SNTC Portal not showing contract information

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Hello Team,

We have installed a Cisco Collector in a Customer, did the Discovery, Collection and Upload tasks. In the SNTC Portal, we can see all devices, but it does't shows the serial number, the contract number and contract validity (from / to).

In the collector, the upload process is showed as successful.

We also have tried to upload the file manually. The manual process is stuck in the "uploading" status since last week.

Also, we only can get access to the portal with the customer account. They have added two CCOIDs from my company to have access to your contracts, delegated access/roles, but we still can't access the portal with our CCO.

Could you help us, specially with the problem of the portal does't showing the contract data?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi , 

I am the In-charge of this post and I will be assisting you on this shortly .

Please provide us the following details in PM  (Private Message) so that we can proceed further on the issue : 

  • Customer name 
  • Customer email address 
  • Company name 

Thanks & Regards, 

Kapil Taneja 

Hello Kapil,

I just sent the informations via PM for you.


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Level 1

Hello, we are also seeing no serial numbers displayed on the online reports in the portal, or offline reports sent to the My Reports tab. Has this been identified as a broad issue impacting all customers, or is it account specific?

Regards, Doug


I have acknowledged this post.

I will get back with an update regarding this. 

Thanks and regards, 

Devashish Bourai. 


Could you please share me the screenshot of the error, or related to it,over the PERSONAL MESSAGE so i can verify and let you know if this is a global issue or not.

Thanks & regards,
Devashish Bourai.

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Level 1

Hi Team i have the same issue, did this get solved? If so could some one please post the answer to the problem?