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Consolidated Bug Report - scheduled but not produced

I have a Consolidated Bug Report that is/was scheduled to run on Sun, Dec 03, 06:00 PM

This report was listed as being 'pending' for several days (verified as being in this state on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th), I didn't check on Wed or Thurs, but looking today (Friday 8th at 10:00 UTC) the report (request) is no longer listed.  Unlike all other reports I have scheduled I did not receive any email notification that the report has been completed.

Can I enquire as to why:

  1. the report takes so long >24hours + to generate?
  2. this report failed to complete?
  3. when a report fails to be generated successfully - the user/requester does not receive any notification of this?



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Cisco Employee

Re: Consolidated Bug Report - scheduled but not produced

Hello Graham,


There was issue with Consolidated bug report due to which it was getting stuck in Pending status.

Since the report request did not complete the processing, system was unable to send the notification about success/failure.

Further the report requests older than 72 hours do now show up on My Report. Hence you did not see the pending requests on the portal after 3 days.

The issue related to report getting stuck in Pending status has since been resolved.

Can you please give it a try now and let me know if you still face any issue?

Apologies for the inconvenience.





Re: Consolidated Bug Report - scheduled but not produced

Hi Suchita,

Of the 4 scheduled reports I have setup, three of them are now verified as being good; that is to say the report is generated (see attached image) and the content appears valid.


Unfortunately the 4th report (Consolidated Bug Report), whilst this is listed as being successfully generated, when it is downloaded it is found to contain no data.  That is to say the report template is all there (worksheets et cetera) but there is no content.


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