Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

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Hello community, We are migrating a campus from an existing MPLS campus with PE routers at each distribution block in the network. The original migration strategy was to acquire new hardware as intermediate nodes to be installed in the same location ...

MPLS-SDA Sharing.png

Hi All, Is it supported for a fabric edge to also operate as a fabric internal border? We have a router that needs to connect to our network and based on its location the easiest place to connect it will be fabric edge. The router has a couple of net...

dm2020 by Level 1
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Thanks for attending our March ATXs session! Here’s the post-session resources for easy reference. New to ATXs? An ATXs session, offered at no cost, is an hour of real-time learning led by Cisco experts, who will answer your technology questions thro...

Vivien Chia by Community Manager
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I just build a SD-Access fabric with two borders to go out to the DNAC and ISE through the fusion.My DNAC v. is configuring with 3 interfaces:- eno1: for the gui access- enp94s0f0 for the communication to the fabric- enp94s0f1 for the cluster...

dmaillard by Level 1
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All,why get the command "bgp router-id interface loopback0" removed from the running-config when loopback0 is shutdown during operation ? Losing the BGP router-id isn't nice for bgp protocol.Nevertheless there are usecases e.g. SDA route convergence ...

Hi All, I'm trying to emulate as best as possible SD Access under Eve-NG using CSR routers as the Border node and Fusion Router and a combination of CSRs and L2 IOL switches to emulate Fabric nodes. The CSR's don't work with subinterfaces so I have h...

SD Access Eve-NG Emulation.png