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ACK Message + Assembling Process

PCA needs to send 9000 byte data to PCB (Of course, TCP).

PC A - MSS(1460 byte), MTU(1500 byte), CWND(8000 byte)

PC B - MSS(1460 byte), MTU(1500 byte), RWND(8000 byte)

PCA would make 9000 byte data and send it to L4. In L4, 9000 byte will get segmented according to PCA's MSS. 9000 byte -> 1460 byte * 6 + 240 byte. I guess that 6 1460 byte packets will have 0 in their IP Frag(Fragment) and 240 byte packet will have 1 in their IP Frag(Fragment).

According to min(CWND, RWND), PC A will send 5 1460 byte packets(Total: 7300 byte, Total with all headers: 7590 byte) to PC B.

My Question!!!

1. How many ACK message will PC B send to PC A after receiving 5 1460 byte packets? 5 ACK or 1 ACK?

2. First PC B would save 5 1460 byte packets in its buffer. My question is will PC B clear the buffer right away to receive the rest of data which is 1700 byte. If PC B clears the buffer, how PC B assembles 6 1460 byte + 240 byte packets? If 5 1460 byte already started to get decapsulated and rest 1700 byte just arrive in the buffer, how PC B assembles them? I know PC B would assemble them in L4, but I really would like to know "how" :)             


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