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Hello Team Cisco I want to configure Netflow on these 02 computers: 1) Switch 3750GHardware Board Revision Number: 0x02 Switch Ports Model SW Version SW ImageEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu     1 24 WS-C3750G-24T 12.2 (35) SE5 C3750-IPBASE-M* 2 ...

kikeabcd2 by Beginner
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I have setup on Nexus 7K of my customer, but I noticing that traffic Egress was expected on port and vlan different. In addition vlan 128 doesn't exist on my platform. Can someone help me to undestanding? Nexus# sh vl id 128VLAN 128 not found in cur...

solid_978 by Beginner
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Hey all, How can I use the same vlan 30 from the top router (router 1) in pc 1 where the near router is router2?What is the configuration that should be on router2? Packet tracer with the design attached. PC0 connected to switch 1 fas 0/

Hi Team, I would like to know how can i add a 3750 switch to a 3750 Production switch as a stackable switch. and do i need to do some configuration on the production

When a L3 (switch / router) which has interface VLAN-X created and receives a frame from a Layer-2 switch with VLAN-X what this interface vlan command does..? how the frame converts in to L3 packets..can someone plz explainthe flow here ? thanks

I have two cisco sg300 switches. I am trying to setup a voice vlan 100. Each time I tag the phone port to the vlan 100 it loses connectivity to the local pbx on the second sg300 switch. I have tried disabling smartport on the phone port. All works fi...

kfnewbie by Beginner
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So, we have this amateur kind of setup in school: • DHCP Server in a Private DMZ that is connected to an ASA Firewall • ASA Firewall has subinterface for the network, .1 is the GW. • That network consists of 2 units of Layer 3 switch...

bongskiie by Beginner
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ISP provides a /26 public subnet with a gateway of x.x.x.129. We want to place either a router or L3 switch in front of the ISP router/switch and use it to manage the IP block provided by the ISP. Our goal is to place our own ASA and several severs ...

I tried to locate a device and got this output switch#sh ip arp | i           99   5c26.0a6f.4cf5  ARPA   Vlan8switch#sh mac add add 5c26.0a6f.4cf5          Mac Address Table----------------------------------------...