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Resolved! 5672UP to 2248 FEX via 40GB breakout

We are about to purchase two 5672UP's and two 2248TF-E bundles and I'm having a hard time nailing down the optimum interconnectIn the old 5500 world, we would use the 8 10GB FET modules (4 at the 2K, 4 at the 5K) with  fiber LC connector OM3 cables. ...

rgnelson by Beginner
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Incompatible MEM3800-256CF with CISCO3825

Is there a compatible issue with CISCO3825 and PN MEM3800-256CF ? We have 2 flash cards that are not booting in the router. The error we get is :boot: cannot open "flash:"boot: cannot determine first executable file name on device "flash:"  Any ideas...


I have two catalyst switches stacked and have recently run into a problem where this message has appeared. It is showing as a problem on the member switch within the stack. The entire message is:MRIB_PROXY-3-MRIB_LC_FAILED_IPC_OPEN: LC in slot 2 fail...

Resolved! ACL for VOIP, Softphone consideration

Hey all, long time lurker, this is my first post (I think?)!My company doesn't have Cisco switches but we do have Adtran switches and they're basically Cisco clones with a few variations on syntax.Our network is simple, 2 VLANS (voice, ...

neteng2323 by Beginner
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ip dhcp relay address limit

Hello,I am seeing some conflicting information regarding the ip dhcp relay address command as it is implemented in the latest version (or any version for that matter) of the NX-OS.  I am wondering what the maximum number of relays per interface is.  ...

SeanBober by Beginner
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