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Resolved! Sup 720 memories

Hi,Looks like Sup 720 has many types of memories - Are those used for any particular specific type of file storage?flash :bootflash :sup-bootflash or sup-bootdisk:disk0:disk1: Dynamic RAM : - Used to load the files , IOS, and other tables etc...Also ...

Hello community,I did a traceroute command and I do not fully understand the output. This is what I got:Sw-KK-C6509-R4A1#traceroute escape sequence to abort.Tracing the route to  1 0 msec 0 ...

Guys,I'm having a strange issues here. I have a 2948G where all my devices are connected to in BVI1. BVI1 has an IP and I can connect to it for management purposes. All my devices are working OK.I'm now trying to introduce a 2950 (port fa0/1)  to the...

Hello my friends,I want some opinions of these traceback:Jul 31 11:45:15:  invalid mask index 0x4CCCCF59, context = 16BA0E8/144bit-context,             first_mask_index = 0x0, last_mask_index = 0x4AFJul 31 11:45:15: -Traceback= 3182F4 31C264 31C9E8 3...

I should start off by saying I'm pretty much a Cisco novice. In most cases, i don't know enough to know what I don't know (if that makes sense). In my eagerness to learn Cisco, I jumped in with both feet and purchased a 2 switch, 2 router lab from eb...

rbishop42 by Beginner
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How do I troubleshoot unequal cost routes in OSPF. The database doesn't show route cost, so unless I stop advertising the currently installed route I cannot find a way to learn the cost of the route that is not preferred/installed.

I have three switches.  Switch1 has Gig links to the other two switches.  Switch2 and 3 have a 100mb link between them.  Drawing attached (red are Gig, blue is 100mb).  But for some reason switch3 thinks the way to the root is the 100mb link to switc...

Hi,when I am trying to download vlan.data from Ciscoworks, I am getting below error, I can ping and telnet to that switch from Ciscoworks.Command failedCould not detect SSH protocols running on the device VLAN Config fetch is not supported using TFTP...

nihammimm by Beginner
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Hi all,I have a cisco 6513 with 12.2(18) sxf17, my question is dose this release support MAB with 802.1x ? I was looking at the config on the switch but could not find the option to set MAB. so if it dose not support it which release would support it...

malqazzaz by Beginner
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I have a machine that was configured with a static IP and a static NAT to an external address.  I've taken it offline to troubleshoot what I thought was an O/S problem.  Turns out there was a duplicate IP on the network.  I determined that it was the...