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Dear AllI was reading some documents recently and got confused by below statement regarding the FD Calculation"The lowest-cost route is calculated by adding the cost between the next-hop router and thedestination—referred to as the advertised distanc...

Hi all,I know probably a very simple one however getting a little confused.I have a single switch stack comprising of 2 x c3750 connected via stackwise.Customer is connecting to it with 1 fiber connection currently and I have another ready to be plug...

I have set up stack power on my 3750 stacks, they show as redundant but the stack topology is still showing as standalone. I am confused on how to get the Stack Topology to Ring as opposed to Standalone.

nshoe18 by Level 1
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Hi,Let's say I have a stack of two 3750s, 24 ports each (48 ports total).  The backplane is stacked correctly.I also have 20 Servers and switches which need to be availble to network users 24x7x365.How do I plug these 20 servers and switches into the...

cbalowski by Level 1
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I have an ASA with 2 networks locally communicating with a remote PIX  through a VPN connection. The ASA network 172.16.10.x is communicating through the tunnel to the PIX network just fine as desired. The 2nd network on the ASA is 10.168...

dhall8436 by Level 1
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Dear All,I would like to as you that i have swich 2960 (10Unit) and switch 3560 ( 3 unit) and router 2821 ( 1 unite) and AP( 10 unit).So do you know software can manage all those product? Like monitor switch up or down, manage configure, check perfor...

Hello Guys,I was adding a new SUP on slot 1 of a 6509 in Hybrid Mode.This switch had been running only on SUP 2 for around 6 months.I added the new SUP, everything Ok. I failed-over the new SUP, everything Ok. I failed-over SUP 2 and the hosts attach...

Dmoreno69 by Level 1
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Resolved! VLSM

Can anyone please help me out in understanding VLSM. i am having a hard time understanding it. spent alot of time on it and still got nothing out of it. I have the lammle book and i didnt get it right into my head. i want plain and simple method plea...

On September 10, I got this automated email regarding a bug that has been fixed and yet that version has not appeared in the download section yet.anyone knows how long it normally takes for the code to become downloadable. It seems like a long time t...

Hi,I have a Nexus 7K running 5.1.(1a) with N2248T as Fabric Extender.I had two ports on N7K-M132XP-12 module connected to N2248T.In order to activated fex feature I issued the following commands :install feature-set fexfeature-set fexWhen I tried to ...

s-durando by Level 1
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hi,i am in the proces of upgrading the epld on a 10 gig module to enable fex fabric but i cant and get the following error msgFailure reason: Chain connectivity is broken while upgrading the FPGA i have tried upgrading on other modules which works fi...

Hi,I have the following question:What is the best design to deliver high availability with two Switch 3560 as Core?In the LAN network there are three IP segments and I have two internet links.I appreciate your opinions.

Hi all,hopefully somebody of the forum could help me in here. I have two Cisco 3945e, each router has a SM-D-ES3G-48-P installed which is configured as a simple L2 switch. On one of the modules PoE works properly, on the other module it doesn't works...

shillert by Level 1
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