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Hello is thi slink finehttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps380/products_password_recovery09186a00800942bc.shtmland do I have to bring the interfaces up before I finally run copy run startthanks

What should be configured on a Cisco switch when connecting to a SUN server configured to do IP Multipathing on two interfaces ?My customer configured the two connecting ports in a etherchannel but I disagree because the two technologies( IPMP and Et...

mariusst by Beginner
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Resolved! Modular IOS

Anyone have current experience with Modular IOS? It has been a few years since this feature set was released. Is the code fairly stable now? We are doing device upgrades for our core routers and I could see where we may benefit from modular even thou...

Resolved! C4507 SUP 6L-E SSO

All,I have dual SUPs 6L-E on C4507. It was configured default SSO mode. I have EIGRP running on port G1/1 and port G2/1. When I issued the command" redundancy force-switchover", am I supposed to see EIGRP neighbors reestablished? Will SSO be able to ...

yuhuiyao by Beginner
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It seems that Web-auth and auth-proxy are not supported on 3750-x (I am running 12.2(55)SE IP-Services IOS).CONFIG 1)!ip device trackingip auth-proxy auth-proxy-banner httpip auth-proxy name HTTPPROXY http inactivity-time 60!interface GigabitEthernet...

grodoni by Beginner
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Hi,      i have two 6513 core switches , wanted to connect to ASA.. Now these devices can be connected by two ways1) One cable from each 6513switch , going to ASA  ( My question over here two ports on ASA can be given IP address of same segment)2) On...

cisco by Beginner
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Hello,I have a stacked switch 3750g on our DataCentre with 5 x 2960 switches hanging off it. All 5 switches have their own vlan.  I was trying to set it up on tacacs using aaa new-model.  I applied the aaa new-model config and the other aaa accountin...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Hi all,I would like to understand what is the difference between CB-WFQ and HFQ. Cisco says that HFQ uses Hierarchical Qos but I don't see any difference in the configuration between CB-WFQ and HFQ.Could someone explain me this difference (maybe with...

lap by Explorer
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This is an example of the command show adjacency:Switch#show adjacencyProtocol                   Interface               Address   IP                   FastEthernet2/3   IP                   FastEthernet2/3

Hi,  I'm having a problem with Policy Based Routing on a 6509 with a FWSM installed.  The network is configured as follows.  I have 2 x 6509's SW1 and SW2  I have a server DC 1 connected to a vlan 10 connected to the 6509's behind the FWSM subnet 10....

mreevesh by Beginner
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