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A week ago or so I tried xferring a new IOS image unto my 2610; but it was too big for the flash memory I had installed. I got an error message that it had (naturally) aborted the TFTP transfer; except I thought that meant it would have left the old...

Hi everyone,I have received the following message, and would like to know what it means and what can be done to stop it. Host 0019.7eaf.ddc8 in vlan 198 is flapping between port Fa2/0/21 and port Fa2/0/30.Thanks for your helpHipolito

Hi all. I've got a Cisco 877 to replace our old shoddy ADSL router.I want to connect it to our internal network so the PC's and server can use it as the Internet gateway.Now obviously i'll need to configure an IP address for them to look at, but when...

davieshuw by Beginner
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Anyone ever seen the following log message?:Jun 25 12:12:31.982: %AMDP2_FE-3-RXOVERFLO: FastEthernet3/0 Rx FIFO OverflowIf so, what was done to correct?Thanks in advance./rls

Hi there,There are 2 common vlan attacks:1. switch spoofing2. double taggingMy question is: when the switch gets a double tagged frame doesn't it consider the frame an error and drops it? Even more, does the Switch permit tagged frames as native vla...

wizassonic by Beginner
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How to create the different vlan on cisco switch and open certain port for them to communicate to each other?For example, let vlan 120 communicate with vlan 140 through port 168?

ssweehin by Beginner
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3640 router version 12.3We have most of our machines on a class C network. We have a DMZ setup with static NAT addresses. We are running low on the class C network IP addresses so would like to transition to NAT overload (PAT). The commands I am usin...

lnatschke by Beginner
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When a C3560 SDM is set to "desktop routing"; the 'show SDM prefer' output indicates that the given features are supported for 8 routed interfaces. What is the impact to the switch if more than 8 interfaces are configured for routing? Are the listed...

jclearman by Beginner
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We want to activate RTSP on two VLANs, 3 and 100, we are going to unite two new Alteon 2424-SSL. Can I leave in the rest of VLANs of the switchs PVSTP +? Do as I can configure this mixed configuration? The switchs are: Catalyst 6506 With 720-3B. Cata...

slandeira by Beginner
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What are the drawbacks in your opinions of using a consumer-type switch(linksys, netgear) as a "lowest layer" switch. "Lowest layer" meaning that I have another switch connected to a fiber backbone and I would use this consumer switch to connect to ...

I have seen an extended access list entry in 2 different forms:access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq telnetand then like the next one with 'any' at the end of the statementaccess-list 100 permit tcp any eq telnet anyKind of curious, why the 'any' at ...

edwardp by Beginner
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Hi all, "On a 3550 switch what image do i need to upgrade a SMI switch to an EMI? Is it as simple as loading it onto a TFTP server and pushing the image across (obviously if there's enough memory) or do i have to squeeze out the flash, etc, etc. What...