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2960 causes hp jetdirects to stop working

We have connected up a 2960G twice and each time segments connected on a edge switch that is turnked into the core, Most hp printers with jetdiriects stop printing, and are not able to ping. Mac addresses in the arp table show all zeroes on a win2k ...

bgleason by Beginner
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Micorosoft NLB with Cisco switch

I have a server cluster in a 2960 switch which is connected to a cisco 4507 switch. I added static ARP and CAM entries for the virtual MAC and IP of NLB. I was now able to reach the virtual interface from the 2960 but its not working from other acce...

sve_subbu by Beginner
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NAT Concept

Hi AllI would like to check whether my NAT config is going to work good.Also I'm not not sure if this config is Source NAT (or) Destination NAT.If someone can shed some light on this that will be appreciated.Hope my explanation below will be good ...

LAN Switch Design

I am contemplating two designs for my network upgrade:Design 1:- Dual 6500 cores with dual Sup720's- 6500's with single Sup32's at access layer tooDesign 2:- Dual 6500 cores with single Sup720's- 3750-E stacks at access layerCan someone give me advan...

ciscors by Beginner
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design issue

I'm trying to set up the following solution but having trouble working it out, so hopefully someone can helpI have a DSL line wth a BT DSL router/modem- this is working fine, if i attach a pc to one of the ports it picks up an IP (192.168.1.x/24) an...

psand0007 by Beginner
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Client running IPX/SPX attached to vlan 800. Windows Server running gateway services for netware attached to vlan 800.client unable to connect to server via IPX.Presume IPX routing not required as devices are on same vlan (although client is connect...

tsrader by Beginner
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Resolved! which ios version to choose

Hi there,I got a 3750 switch and want to put it into production. However the version on the switch is quite old 12.1(19)EA1d . I went to the cisco website and decided to take the latest version. So I found that they have now 12.2 packages available.....

ycae by Beginner
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Router ACLs and VLANs

Hi All:In a 4506, I would like to apply some Router ACLs to VLANs, to avoid some traffic between them.But I have 2 elementary questions:Question 1:If I ONLY deny the traffic originated in the VLAN 2 with destination VLAN 3:Is the traffic denied in bo...

aalcaide by Beginner
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Bandwidth Question

Hello All:I'm seeing something on our firewall and switch that I don;t wuite understand. It's an intranet firewall that has slowed performance down between subnets.If I look at bandwidth on the firewall, I can see normal traffic durng production at a...

dj214 by Beginner
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TCP Window Size - Microsoft

Guys,Sorry this is a bit non-cisco but was wondering if anyone could help?I have a large file download from a windows server to my PC. The performance is grim for some reason, but thats not what I am worried about.So, my PC lets just say sends an ac...