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Hi. I just wish to ask the difference between clockrate and bandwidth. I mean if i have a line provider of 1024 then my bandwidth is declared as 1024 in my router interface but does that mean that my clock rate is also 1024?Thanks in advance.

Hi all, we have just had a router and asa installed on our network, the asa terminates site to site tunnels to our other buildings, if the router is already natting to an internal address of the firewall, do we still need to do no nat for the site to...

Good evening,I am working on an issue where a high amount of broadcast data (15Mbps~) on a vlan on a single 3750 with an SVI is causing the switch's cpu to run at near 100% all day.The users on this segment need to be routed to the internet etc, but ...

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Resolved! DHCP bindings

Machines won't renew (without a release) IPs against a Cisco DHCP servers that dont yet have bindings? Any documentation explaining this would be appretiated

Hi,I'm configuring the network as seen in the attachment.I would like to have one rapid spanning tree domain per vlan. But I'm not quite sure if the routers also support rpvst+ or just pvst+. The core is running rpvst+. The routers seem to adapt to t...

Resolved! police statement

Hi, I am trying to create police statement for QoS and am not sure how it works. Does anyone know the link to where I can get detailed information about the parameters of the statement? Thanks.