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Cannot ping hosts from switch (Catalyst 3650)


Hello everyone,


I have a network of two hosts, connecting to a Catalyst 3650 switch, which connect to outside network.

The two hosts can ping each other, have known IP address (172.16.11.x) and same subnet. However I am not able to ping the host from the switch. I cannot figured out why.

I am running IOS XE 3.0.7, have turned off firewalls.

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Martin L
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switch needs to have its interface Vlan x UP UP , vlan x must be in the same vlan as those PCs.  and usually have vlan x in the database.  

if the PC is on different subnet then switch interface vlan x is, then u need routing enabled somewhere and default gateway set on switch if it is layer 2 .  

if switch is layer 3, then it should have routing enabled and check for routes to /from destination subnet 

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I assume that your switch has same VLAN and network are in same network, they can able to ping.


I believe your switch might have different Management IP address ?  Can you post the switch configuraiton.


what is that outside network device  here ? 


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