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Catalyst 2950

hi ,

i have Catalyst 2950 24 port switch and i am trying to run it in my store. i have breif knowledge of configuring cisco swtiches but google was/ is my friend and i was able to reset and factory default the switch to the original state.

Now i have 21 Ethernet plugs across the store , but when i connect all 21 ethernet cable  none of them work. no blinking or green light what so ever on the switch , i have tried everything and when i connect any pc directly to the switch , it works but not from the main cables hub .

it's so frustrating and i don't know what to do.

i don't wanna hire anyone to fix it for me because i wanna learn as well.

i know the switch works fine , but there is something wrong between the cables inside the dry wall and the switch . it does not seem there is any connectivity. note i tried to plug some of these cables to Linksys wrt54g router and there is connection when i go plug number 1 in the showroom, but not when i plug that cable in the switch

please help


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Keith Abbott

A crazy shot in the dark but it looks like 2950 doesn't support mdix. Could your cabling have a crossover somewhere?

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Maybe the ports are either disabled or error-disabled.  Can you console into the switch?

yes i can .

now if you can give me a basic setup configuration for the switch i dont need anything beside all 24 ports to work. i have a clothing company and i don't need a complicated network here
thanks for your answer

Cisco Employee

Please check the link below:

It has all you need to start working with your new switch



Hi lordyrichie,

Did you get the Cisco 2950 to work?



well the switch itself i was able to configure to the best of my knowledge.i am still trying to make it work with the main cables hub


Keith Abbott

A crazy shot in the dark but it looks like 2950 doesn't support mdix. Could your cabling have a crossover somewhere?

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no there is not crossover

because the cable themselves work if i connect them to linksys wrt54g wireless router.

so either 2950 is faulty which im sure it's not or simply i am doing a good job configuring the switch correctly


Note that the Linksys router does have a "switch" inside, so it has the same wiring as the 2950 switch and has a different wiring than a regular PC or Server or Router. Therefore, could you try using a cable between the 2950 and the other devices which has a different wiring? E.g. if you're using straight now, try using a crossover.

For more details and explanations about the differences, please refer to the following link:

Best regards,


well you were correct i discovered that the switch works only with crossover cables and the installed cables i have are straight cables .

and  since the mini linksys (workgroup ) switch i was testing supports crossover conversion (mdix) , i was able to get signal from 2950 .

i don't think catalyst 2950 support Auto mdix which is bad , so i guess i have to purchase short crossover cables or make them myself.

but hey at least i learned something new and you guys helped me alot thanks alot


Thanks for the confirmation and for giving us an update. The 2950 and Linksys router do not support auto-mdix unfortunately.

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Best regards,