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DHCP Not Working

I have this topology in Packet Tracer and I'm having a hard time figuring out what's the problem with my DHCP configurations. I have uploaded the pkt file on Google Drive at this link:


I have 5 vlans: vlan 10 (HR), vlan 20 (C&S), vlan 30 (R&D), vlan 40 (PROD) and vlan 50 (Clients). The Company DHCP Server is supposed to provide IP addresses for the PCs in vlans 10-40, while the Client DHCP Server router is supposed to provide IP addresses for the clients (the PCs in vlan 50). 


The Company DHCP Server network is The networks I use for the vlans are 192.168.VLAN.0/24 and I used the .1 addresses for the respective default gateways. I added 4 pools to the server for vlans 10-40. I have added all the vlans to all switches and made the links between switches and PCs of type access and the links between switches and between switches and routers of type trunk assigning the corresponding vlans. I have made the R2 a relay router with the ip helper-address of the Company DHCP Server ( on the Fa0/0 interface and I have also set different IP addresses for two subinterfaces on Fa0/0 interface (Fa0/0.10 with and Fa0/0.20 with 


For the R3 I used the Fa0/0 interface only for the vlan 30 and the Fa1/0 interface only for the vlan 40.


I have also configured static routes between all networks in the topology.



I have set the ip helper-address for each subinterface of R2 Fa0/0 and now the PCs from HR and CS can obtain IP addresses from the DHCP Server.


UPDATE#2: I solved it after all. 



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