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How to copy a configuration from one router to another?

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Hi I have a 2600 that I need to use for a new gateway router. I need to copy the configuration from the old router to this one. I need to know how to do that the fastest way. If someone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Pravin Phadte
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Level 5


Set the router as tftp server from where you want to copy the configuration.

config t

tftp-server nvram:startup-config

Check that the acl is not blcoking tftp(69) port.

go to the 2nd router to which it is connected try to ping the router which is configured as tftp.


copy tftf: to nvram:

specify what needs to file name of the startup config and ip address

let me know if this helps

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Level 7

Hi Uzma,

1. Telnet into both routers from the same PC.

2. Then "sh run" on the source router.

3. Highlight the necessary config statements with your mouse and "Copy"

4. On the other router: "conf t"

5. "Paste" the config statements.



One router is connected to my console!!! It wont let me save the config off of the router that I'm consoled into to the tftp server on my laptop.

um a console port isn't used for that

Connect your router with the e0 and then copy it to the tftp server. Do the same with the other router also. And you will have backup the configuration file also.

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Level 1


Did you manage to sort this issue out? Let me know. Rgds

there is no actual issue here, console isn't used for downloading/uploading (well there are options but hardly recommended)

sirdudesly is right. You can not download from console . Anyway when you write copy tftp flash or copy tftp nvram etc then you will be asked to give the IP address. If you are using console there is no ip address neither for the tftp nor the router.( i mean you can not use them)

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Level 2

If you're looking for a free TFTP server check out Solarwinds TFTP. Nice and easy to use and above all it's free.

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Level 1

Since you are using console port; the fastest would be to copy your current config and paste in a text file format and then on your new router you can download it using the tftp command or you can just paste the config directly to the new router/


well i have this in mind which may help you.

You would need to have a public ip address to the machine you have consoled to and on internet.

Download the tftp software from below link.

This software does not only act as the tftp server but also you can select the interface of you ethernet card as tftp server ip address.

For ex if you are connected to a console and have a wireless card which is connected to internet also you connect you eth lan card to the eth or fast eth of the router.

you can select which ever interface you want to act as the tftp server.

you will need to add ip addres for you lan card and also config the router port as same if needed.

I just copy pasted the config. But I couldnt find a way to completely remove the running config and replace it with a new one (by copy pasting). I tried to add the new config (copy paste) but that just appended it to the existing config.

(in privilaged mode)

erase ru


then wait for the rotuer to restart

type no to the auto setup


conf t

then paste your configuration

I think sirdudesly that he should erase the start-up config and no the running config first and without copy r s reload the router. Then he will prombt to the initial configuration . Then type no and then copy the it as you have said.

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