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Stephen Sisson

Hello everyone,

I need your help to confirm internet access from remote network through MPLS cloud to another site.

Let me explain.

We have a MPLS network with Windstream as listed in the visio drawing; site 1 has internet access through the Time-Warner cloud for all users. Site2 has internet access through the Windstream MPLS router. Site three has no internet access, and only has LAN access layer2 through Windstream routers to Site1 for networks, 10.1.1.x/24. My question is can we give everyone at Site 3 internet access through the MPLS network down into Site 1 using the Time-Warner ISP cloud.

I placed routes on the Site 3 3750 stack IP route 192.168.50.x to the interface of the MPLS router at site3, then at site 1 we have IP route 192.168.50.x to the MPLS interface, and able to ping all anything on the network. I added the IP route 192.168.50.x the MPLS router interface, we do not have internet access at Site 3 using Site 1 network.

I confirmed at Site 1 from the Cisco 3750 switch we can ping = Google

Can someone confirm this will work and what’s required to complete this connection to give everyone at site 3 internet access through Site 1 Time-Warner.

Thank you

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Accepted Solutions

In that case you need to ensure the PIX has routes to the site 3 network and that the NAT Acl also matches the site 3 network addressing.

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Kyle McKay

Hi Stephen,

Your path from Site 3 to the Internet must traverse the following path:

1. Site 3 3750 stack

2. MPLS Cloud

3. Site 1 3750 stack

4. Site 1 Router? Firewall?

Does the site 3 stack have a default route pointing toward the MPLS router?

Are there are any firewalls or other routers in Site 1 that may be preventing communication?


The default gateway points to the MPLS interface - Yes

No other firewalls - cisco 3750 switch connects to the MPLS router on the same subnet - leaves Site 3 through the MPLS cloud over to Site 1 down through the MPLS router, handing off to local Cisco 3750 switch to that local subnet, unless going to Internet then we add the Cisco Pix firewall who then hands off to the Time-Warner cloud

Thank you Sir

In that case you need to ensure the PIX has routes to the site 3 network and that the NAT Acl also matches the site 3 network addressing.

That makes sense - thank you

You're very welcome.. I hope that this solved your issue!

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