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Cisco Employee

mini USB console Windows 10


did anybody get this to work?

i am using Win10 64bit

installed the 64bit driver from cco which is kind of old - back from 2014

install and restart 

i see the USB Serial Port COM 4 in device manager 

changed in putty - to serial and com 4

putty unable to make connection on COM4 

thx for any hint

on my private mac it works right away without any driver installation - and the cable is sanity checked 

best regards


Jeff Horton

You might want to look here: 

Hopefully that will help..

Hi Jeff 

thx for your hint

in the meantime i got another quick and easy hint which works right away

deinstall cisco driver 

Installation of the original  driver  (Win10; Win8.1)

done !

best r m 

Man, that link is dead now. I need the driver file.


I am having no luck with Win 10 and the usb serial cable. I can only get Win 10 to install a CH340 driver. I have the 3.1 file and it installs, restarts etc but then only shows as CH340.


If anyone can get it to work with Win 10 please let me know.

This USB driver works with most of the recent products Mini-USB based console.

peter oh

try this:

if you installed it already and having issues connecting to the com port:


1. uninstall (remove) the Cisco USB driver using the setup(x64).exe

2. reboot

3. disconnect the blue cisco USB  console cable

4. launch setup(x64).exe file in WIndows_64 folder that was extracted from the file

5. reboot

6. launch the device manager to observe the USB driver installation

7. connect the blue cisco usb console cable

8.  check device manager under CiscoUsbConsoleWindowsDriver.  You will see Cisco Bus Enumerator and Cisco USB to Serial Adapter. 


9. if are don't see above , repeat step 1 to 8

10,. if you see above, go to Ports (COM & LPT).  You should see USB Serial Port(COMx).  This is using the CYpress driver and not correct CIsco driver   You must update the driver!


11 . Now, click  Update Driver and Browse My Comptuter for driver software.  Click Let me pick from a list of avalibale drivers on my computer.


12 ,  Choose "Cisco Serial "


12.  Finally, You will see "USB Serial Port "change to "Cisco Serial (x)".  Check that the driver proider is Cisco and NOT Cypress.  Also, check the Cisco Serial (COMx) port settings.  Try Connect to Com port X.  it should work, now.


2020-01-28 08_36_51-Window.png

Thank you for the response!


I think I ended up buying a more expensive USB converter from ebay in the end.



That's unfortunate.  Cisco should be updating their document on how to get the USB console working in Windows 10.  It is a simple fix and their customers shouldn't be struggling with this.

Also, you might have to confirm BAUD settings in your terminal emulator, mine was off but very good instruction otherwise


Hey everyone.

If anyone is still struggling with this topic, I found a different solution to use the usb console on a IR829.

I just downloaded this universal driver from the chip's manufacturer and it works right out of the box on Windows 10. Maybe it wont work on other devices that have different chips, but hey, i think it is worth a try.

john thoren

My cisco driver com3 port stopped working on windows 10, so I uninstalled the cisco driver.  After I rebooted, and reconnected the usb console cable, the native windows usb-serial driver loaded, and a new com3 port appeared.  That port works just fine with securecrt with standard 9600 baud settings, so I guess we don't need the cisco driver.  fwiw.