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rate limitation

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Can someone explain to me how rate limitation works on an interface or vlan:

policy-map abc

  class def

   police 3072000 384000 384000    conform-action transmit     exceed-action drop     violate-action drop

how is qos differ than rate-limit?

how do i rate limite an interface to get say 2MG to the Internet?

Is there a need for queing?

I looked over the cisco qos doc and there's far to much info there, I am looking for the 'crash course'

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Haris P
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Level 4

Dear Ronni ,

To rate-limit the traffic on the link , I prefer to do shaping

policy-map 2Meg

class class-default

  shape average 1024000

int f0/0

service policy output 2Meg

The difference between policing and shaping is described in the below linl

Please let me know which platform you are using

Hi Ronni,

See the below rate limit implementation.

Rate limit on an interface:

Router# conf t
Router(config)# int gi3/34
Router(config-if)#rate-limit input 1000000 187500 375000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

Rate limit on an vlan interface:

Policy a specific VLAN number on VLAN interface.

class-map vlan5
match vlan 5
match class-map class-default

policy-map vlan5-limit
class vlan5
police 2000000 250000 exceed-action drop

int vlan5
service-policy input vlan5-limit

After you apply this configuration, the traffic with VLAN 5 coming from any will be policed at 2Mbps.

Hope this will help you.

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Level 4


QoS highly depends on the platform you are using. For example, Catalyst switches does not have the rate-limit command (although sometimes configurable in CLI, will not do anything).

You can rate limit traffic with the policy-map you've included (if the traffic matches the configured class-map) by applying it on an interface with the 'service-policy abc' command under interface configuration mode. Note that some Catalyst switch platforms allow a policy-map to be applied in the input direction only.

Best regards,


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