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SG300-28P Web interface not working with hostname, only with IP, after latest firmware update

I just updated my SG300-28P to the latest firmware,, after previously running


Previous to the update, I could access the Web interface with the hostname I'd specified in System Settings (as part of the FQDN I use for my LAN), i.e. (where switch1 is the hostname set in System Settings, and the rest is the search domain I use on my LAN).


Following the update, any attempt to access it by hostname results in a long pause whilst it is "waiting for", before finally going to a blank page with only the opening <html> tag of the page loading as content if I view the source. Nothing else loads. I can view certificate information so it is obviously getting a response, but grinding to a halt before it gets any further. If I access the Web interface using IP address, it connects fast and without any problem.


Worth mentioning, I can still ping / SSH to the switch using the hostname / FQDN, so I don't think it's a networking issue, just that the Web interface has stopped loading for hostname requests. I've also tried clearing the browser cache and using different browsers on different machines, but it's the same for all.


The switch's logs do not show any connection attempts at all when using hostname but do show successful connects when I use the IP.


Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks!


Same issue here. SG300-10pp stopped working only on named host access, ip, ssh, etc are fine.
This happened after an update of the second most recent firmware ( ) to
the most recent version ( ).
Gary Buhrmaster

As the SG300 switches are now beyond the last software support date, I suspect there will never be an official fix (the release was likely queued before the end of software support date, and got pushed out along with the other related fixes for the same bug at the same time which was technically after the end of software support). Looks like it is time to schedule the hardware refresh.