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Replacing Source Alias on VCS

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Is there a possibility to replace/overwrite/delete a source alias (H.323 Id or SIP URI) of a call on a VCS based on the original source alias?

All the tools on VCS like Transforms, Search Rules and even CPL only seem to change the destination alias.

Any examples would be appreciated if possible

Many thanks in advance



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Garvan Long
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Level 1

The FindMe option alllows for you to repalce the source URI with the Find me name

Hi Garvan

Thanks for the reply but FindMe won't help because the source alias is not that of a local user.



No unfortunately. If using SIP you could push the call through UC Manager and manipulate it using Normalization Scripts or IOS using SIP Profiles though.

Bill Ruhnke
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Level 1

Since dial rules and transforms only apply to the destination address, if there are particular endpoints you want special treatment for you could have them use a unique prefix for all destinations they dial.  Regex can match the prefix and apply a rule.  It will not change the source alias.       

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Level 7

Hi Stefan,

We are planning to include a new feature in VCS X7.2 which will allow you to rewrite source aliases using CPL.

X7.2 is due for release quite soon, and if everything goes to plan, you should find information about this feature in the X7.2 release notes once available.



I have installed VCS X7.2 and was wondering how I can rewrite the source alias using CPL. I have looked through the documentation and did not find an example of how to do this.



take a look at page 350 of the vcs admin guide

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Thanks, but I am still not sure what the syntax will be. When I receive a call from an H323 device, I see it as H323name@ip address. I want it to appear as . Could you fill in the blanks for me on what the syntax will be? None of the examples in the documentation show an example of a rule-switch and replace. " xmlns:xsi=" " xsi:schemaLocation="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:cpl cpl.xsd">



Here is a basic example on how to do source rewrite via CPL:" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:cpl cpl.xsd">">" source-url-for-message="">

This CPL will match a call from an authenticated call from an endpoint with a source address of "", where the source alias is rewritten to "" and the destination alias is changed from whatever it was to "". This is similar to what would happen when calling a FindMe alias and using FindMe source rewrite.

It is also possible to preserve the original destination alias when using the clause while rewriting the source alias, for example with">

It would probably make the most sense to implement CPL source rewrite by using an external Policy Server in order to do rewriting dynamically, since you would need a relatively large static CPL script to perform rewriting for a high number of endpoints.

Hope this helps!

- Andreas

Thank you for this info! I was to get it to do what I needed with this. The next step is how do I add another source and destination for other endpoints. Or is it possible to use a regex to maintain the source host name and just change the domain portion?

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If you need to add more source/destination pairs, you can add more

and sections, but as I mentioned, writing this manually and maintaining a static CPL file for doing this could get very cumbersome.

Instead you could implement a Policy server using your language of choice (PHP, Perl, Python and so forth) and automate this process.

- Andreas

Hello awinter2,

I understand that VCX X8.1 introduced  new capabilitites to modify the Source URI.

Do you know of any good tutorial or source for new CPL Example scripts showing how to use these new capabilities?


I am currently having a similar issue and would like to get it resolved.  TAC is not supporting CPL.



Good Morning Andreas,

i need a same point for this case.

An Example: i want to call somebody with my address like or

My proposation is, to call someone foreign or local and he see only a phantasie adress like

I tried with your cpl script. but it doesnt work. What is the entry for" ???

Thanks for your feedback

I know this is an old post, but does anyone have this CPL script?  It appears all examples on the site are horked up due to formatting with the new site designs.



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