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Tandberg C40 Not Showing Controls on Screen

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I have a Cisco/Tandberg C40 in one of my clients' conference rooms and today it would not show any of the menus or icons on the screen. I thought at first it was the remote, so changed batteries, then changed remotes, but I kept hearing the beeps as I increased or decreased volume. Once the VTC came up I was able to mute and unmute the mic, but without the icon on screen I couldn't tell until I spoke if I was muted or not. I did a hard reset on unit and that did not clear up the problem. Has this happened to anyone before and if so how did you fix it?

Thank you,

Craig Allen

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Amlesh Sengar
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Level 1

Hi Craig,

   Please confirm if the monitor are connected to DVI port.

By default the OSD menu comes on the HDMI port and hence on monitor connected to HDMI port.

Please try to change the OSD in case if is configured for other port.  You can try one of the following steps.

1.  Using remote:

  Press   disconnect button on remote followed by  * # * #  0 X #

  where x=1 for HDMI and x=2 for DVI.

2.  Using telnet/ssh, type command:

       xConfiguration Video OSD Output:  1/2

3.. Web interface:

  Browse to Advance configuration --> video --> OSD output and change the output as 1/2

where 1 is hdmi and 2 is dvi.

Please confirm if this resolves the issue.



Thank you Amlesh, I will not be able to check the unit until tomorrow morning. In looking at it from teh web browser I do see that the OSD is set for option 1, HDMI. So it may be a change in the monitor done with the monitor's remote. In any case I won't know till tomorrow. I'll let you know.


I checked the system this morning and the monitors looked fine. To be sure I cross checked the settings against a similar system in another conference room. The H and V position settings were slightly off on the system not showing OSD so I set them to match the other working one. No change. I then on a whim unplugged the HDMI cable from the monitor. This actually worked in restoring the OSD menus and icons to the screen, but there were out of position H and V so again I had to change the H and V of the monitor from the defaults. This does not overly affect the size of the incoming video screen so it's fine for now, but I still don't know WHY the OSD disappeared, and I don't know WHY it came back out of position. Any clues will be most helpful.



I believe it is possible to disable the OSD with the remote itself in the administrator settings, is it possible a user did so inadvertently?