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TMS 14.5 is released

Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I’m happy to announce that Cisco TMS 14.5 is available.
Please read the external release notes for more details.
TMS 14.5

Download TMS 14.5, click here

Release notes, click here



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Mangus -

Any idea why the published 14.5 admin and install docs have a DRAFT watermark?  Not sure what others have it, those are the only two I've opened so far.

Hi Patrick

There has been a glitch here. I have notified the doc team and they are going to update the document asap. It should still be the final version (just that the watermark is still there). Thanks for letting me know.


Release notes also mention TMSPE 1.3 -- any idea when this will be released. Would like to get our lab upgraded. Thanks.

Ditto; TMSPE 1.3 is listed as a prereq.  One would think this would mean TMSPE 1.3 should have been released first, or at the very least that the release is imminent.

TMS 14.5 is compatible with TMSPE 1.3 but its not a pre-req. If they where then they would have been released together. However TMSPE 1.3 is not far away, I don´t have the exact date but I would say it´s only days away.


Upgraded to 14.5 and 1.3 this morning - and now have lost all phone books from scheduling interface - see


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We completed our internal process to publish the software and it should be posted shortly.



TMSPE 1.3 has now been published on


Expect TMSPE 1.3 any day.  Last minute process issue we need to sort out.




Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension (TMSPE) v1.3 will be released imminently. Engineering is completing some last remaining regulatory and internal documentation processes before releasing.

Rest assured though, TMSPE 1.2 has been smoke-tested with TMS v14.5 before release and works together.

Then TMSPE 1.2 should also be listed on the compatibility table along with 1.3.  Otherwise the implication is that only the things on the table are compatible and all others are not.

Nick Halbert-Lillyman

Having read about the unmanaged bridges feature prior to the release of this, I was quite excited as it would allow external parties to schedule multiple endpoints to dial our TP servers and visa versa, but then I read this in the release notes:

"A Network Integration license key must be purchased for each unmanaged bridge"

Looking at the pricing, it is literally cheaper to buy a licensed TP server 7010 than one of these license keys, so I don't see this feature getting alot of use unfortunately.