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Hi,Is there a way to export the generated topology in a SVG file or other ?I'd like to import it in a drawing software like Visio.Thanks !Alexandre

The YDK maintenance release is generally available for deployment.   New features and enhancements Added support for Ubuntu:jammy (22.04)   Resolved GitHub issues Segmentation Fault on Python application exit with Python 3.9.5 (#1050) a...

ygorelik by Cisco Employee
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I was hoping someone can give me some insight into this PYATS error when trying to learn "interfaces" on a NXOS switch running in ACI mode. If I issue the command "pyats learn interface --testbed-file testbed.yml" I get this error message listed belo...

I want to start Trex on 8 ports and while starting the trex, i am observing below error: Number of ports found: 8                                    wait 10 sec ..........                                      port : 0                                ...

kasai by Cisco Employee
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Hey i'm trying to learn netconf as a network automation student and I'm having a real hard time getting to understand the connection between all parts. I know what yang models, Python and netconf is. My lab setup has the devasc VM and a Devnet router...

Oli4cat by Level 1
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